FEBRUARY. We have one of the most important Carnivals of the Costa Brava. Plenty of local and regional groups take part in it. We have a great Carnival tradition with activities for children and adults. The events of our Carnival begin with a dinner for all the participating groups. The following day, the ex-Kings of the Carnival stroll around with “the Bomb” (traditional element) to give it to the new King. The official opening of the Carnival weekend takes place on Fat Thursday with a party for children and the presentation in the evening. Friday is the day of the big costume Parade; from 6pm on, about 63 groups with more than 3,500 participants will be involved in it. The fun continues on Sunday morning with the parade along the sea promenade. The Burial of the Sardine on Ash Wednesday puts an end to this festivity.

Uriçada Popular


FEBRUARY – Sea Urchins Tasting  in the Juli Garreta Gardens. The tasting will include 6 sea urchins and a glass of cava.


APRIL. It is a unique Ultratrail for three reasons: personal challenge, which is done by teams, to fight against hunger. This event is organised in Girona, Madrid and Basque Country. The Trailwalker of Girona, runs from Olot to Sant Feliu, through the Greenway. Intermón Oxfam Trailwalker organises this 10, 55 and 100 kms solidarity race that participants must do in less than 32 hours. The race should be done in teams of four people who have to start and finish together. The Trailwalker was a military training exercise in Hong Kong. It became an Oxfam event to collect donations in 1981. At present, it is one of the main sporting challenges of the world: 16 events in 11 countries. The main aim is to fight against poverty and hunger. For further information

Brunyol Market

EASTER. It is the fair that marks the beginning of the spring and the high season. There are artisans and professions related to the Brunyol (typical sweet of the town). Plenty of workshops, Brunyol tastings and performances are organised for the whole family.


MAY. The Aquatic Club Xaloc organises the oldest Catalan triathlon Sprint. The test includes 750-meter swimming, 20 km. cycling and 5km. walking.

Vies Braves

JUNE – AUGUST. Vies Braves Non Stop. Vies Braves is an open water public network of marine itineraries designed for sports, leisure and teaching activities. Signs and buoys provide a safe way of enjoying open waters and exploring the shoreline from the sea. Vies Braves is a public-private initiative, unique in the world, designed to foster landscape as a touristic destiny for open water swimming and snorkelling. Via Brava Sant Feliu has a length of 1.8 km.
Apart from the Vies Braves Non Stop activity, some “swimming meetups” and other activities can be found in San Feliu de Guíxols.

Marnatón Edreams

JUNE. The eDreams Marnaton Sant Feliu de Guíxols is an open water swimming of 1,5km from Port Salvi to Sant Feliu de Guíxols. We are also holding another open swimming water of 6km from Canyet to Sant Feliu Beach. The water and the depths of these two swimmings will amaze you, but particularly the spectacular swimming across el Freu which is the entrance to Sant Feliu, a passage no more than 5m wide and 10m high which will be an unforgettable experience. And of course, there will be the KIDS challenge for the children. At the end of the day, there will be carried out the classic barbecue.

Taverne Songs

JULY – AUGUST. It is a large programme of Taverne songs concerts, a wider version of the traditional Havanera Songs. This show was created with two aims: firstly, to avoid that a form of communication, fun and entertainment was forgotten, which was essential for fishermen, cork workers, railway and road workers, carriers etc. Secondly, it is a tribute to those singers and witnesses, missing or alive, who created its history within its small taverns. In fact, this history is also ours. The concerts are held every summer at different emblematic places of the town.

Porta Ferrada Festival

JULY – AUGUST. It is a Catalan, Mediterranean and European festival. The Porta Ferrada Festival, born in 1958 in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, is the oldest summer festival in Catalonia. It is unique in the Costa Brava for its wide range of artistic disciplines, features consolidated artists and new talents of the international and local scene. Rooted in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, the festival fills up every corner of the Catalan town with the best cultural activities in an incomparable scenario to fully enjoy all their proposals. In the streets, squares and venues; music, theater, workshops and many more complementary activities become essential players in the summer of the town. For further information

Celebrations of Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Sant Pol

JULY – AUGUST. The big celebrations of the town take place during the summer. We organise all kind of activities for the whole family: funfair, mascletà and correfoc (firecrackers), fireworks, street performances, concerts, dances, etc.

September Fairs

SEPTEMBER. There is a different fair every weekend: Patchwork Mediterranean Fair, Drawing Fair, Motor, Iecsalis (antiques), Jocantic (games), Mercadisc (records). These are funny and educational weekends to say goodbye to the summer and make the most of the good weather with the family.

Classic Trial Costa Brava

November. Moto Club 2d Trial Costa Brava organises the two-day Trial Costa Brava outdoors within the Costa Brava. The aim is to keep on organising this event and getting back the excitement about Trial as it was in the past in a breathtaking scenery like our Costa Brava.

In Moto Club Trial 2d Costa Brava want to recover the practice of Trial and bike – hiking, essential in the practice of our sport, deeply rooted in our region. Our philosophy is very simple: to practice our sport in a beautiful landscape and enjoy it in a different way, with family, friends, colleagues. This is a way to share nature and the environment and to bring Trial close to everyone.

It is organised by Moto Club Trial 2D Costa Brava Web: and

Christmas Market

DECEMBER. It is a typical Christmas Market. Plenty of workshops for children and demostrations for adults are organised.

Ganxó Park – The Three Wise Men Arrival

DECEMBER – JANUARY. A leisure park for children between 1 and 14 years old is organised with different activities: play centre, bouncy castles, handicrafts and makeup workshops, sports, juggling, wii, korfball circuit, etc. Before the arrival of the Three Wise Men, their Postmen must ensure that Sant Feliu de Guíxols is ready to host them. They arrive by sea and Sant Feliu inhabitants welcome them with fireworks. A visual show is carried out when they reach the Monastery.